Trucking Accidents/Large Truck Cases

In 2006, large commercial trucks were involved in nearly 17,000 accidents in Texas. Due to the tremendous weight and force of big rig trucks, the fatality rate in those accidents far exceeded the fatality rate in accidents involving only passenger vehicles.

To litigate successfully against a truck driver or trucking company, the plaintiff must prove that the driver or company acted negligently.  That is, you must show that the driver or company failed to exercise reasonable care:

  • the truck driver was impaired by fatigue, drugs, or alcohol;
  • the truck driver or the trucking company failed to maintain the truck in a safe operating condition;
  • the truck driver or trucking company violated federal trucking safety rules or regulations;
  • the truck driver or the trucking company overloaded or improperly loaded the truck; or
  • the truck driver operated the truck in an unsafe manner.

Large truck cases present complex issues, and often require an expert to review the circumstances of the accident. Our experienced trucking accident attorney can discuss your legal rights and the options available to you.

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