Cerebral Palsy

Borchardt Law Firm is a Fort Worth law firm that represents parents with children who suffer from cerebral palsy. Whenever our children fall ill or suffer from a medical condition, we instinctively seek to learn about their condition and to explore possible treatment options.

Unfortunately, a diagnosis of cerebral palsy offers no quick and easy answers. Cerebral palsy is a complex affliction that involves damage to the part of the brain that controls posture and movement.  While the precise cause of cerebral palsy may be difficult to identify, many experts believe that medical negligence during the birthing process can cause or exacerbate the severity of cerebral palsy.

Currently, doctors cannot cure cerebral palsy.  However, physical therapy, drug therapy, and surgeries may help relax the muscles of patients to increase their mobility and motor control.

Annually, the cost for caring for patients with cerebral palsy is approximately $20 billion nationwide. Of course, not every occurrence of cerebral palsy is a result of medical negligence or malpractice. Have a medical malpractice attorney experienced in cerebral palsy cases review your situation to discuss your legal options.

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