Nursing Home Abuse

Improvements to our standard of living have delivered increasing life spans.  Now, the elderly can commonly survive into their late 70s or early 80s. However, for those who must be cared for in a nursing home, their friends and family members must be vigilant to the possibility of nursing home abuse.

Nursing home abuse is a nationwide tragedy that has been documented in approximately one third of nursing homes. To protect our elderly, the Nursing Home Reform Act mandates that states conduct unannounced surveys of nursing homes every 15 months as part of the certification process.  Howver, with little means of enforcement, even this check often does not occur.

As with other crimes involving highly vulnerable victims, nursing home abuse may be vastly underreported. Nursing homes often lack the necessary management structure to self-police their own staff. Additionally, abuse victims may feel isolated and be dependent on their abusers to survive.  Accordingly, family members and friends should periodically visit their loved ones in nursing home to ensure that they are receiving the highest quality care and medical treatment.

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